Anritsu Introduces Vector Voltmeter Mode with Full A/B and B/A
Ratio Capability for Microwave Site Master

- New Option Creates Single-instrument Cost-efficient Drop-in Replacement for Legacy
Vector Voltmeter Instruments in the Field -

Morgan Hill, CA - May 11, 2015 - Anritsu Company introduces a Vector Voltmeter Mode (VVM) for its Microwave Site Master™ S820E - the world’s only handheld cable and antenna analyzer offering coverage up to 40 GHz – that allows the S820E to be used as a drop-in replacement for legacy Vector Voltmeter instruments. With the ability to provide full A/B and B/A ratio capability without additional and expensive VNA options, the S820E with the VVM provides field engineers and technicians with a compact, durable, cost-efficient single-instrument solution to make key field measurements to ensure the proper deployment, installation, and maintenance of wireless networks.

S820VVMThe Site Master S820E combines leading-edge performance, functionality, reporting, and durability to meet the most demanding field testing requirements. It is the only handheld field solution with a VVM option specified to 40 GHz, - 20x more than current alternative solutions. When using the A/B and B/A ratio capability, a unique Auto-tune feature allows the S820E to successfully lock onto an external reference source signal that can be as much as ± 100 kHz away from the selected tuned frequency, without having to widen the measurement IFBW or establishing common 10 MHz reference time-base signals. Input sensitivity for either the A or B reference receiver ranges automatically from +5 dBm to -60 dBm, surpassing the range of traditional vector voltmeters.

To save valuable time in the field and prevent poor measurements that lead to incorrect data, a Reference Signal Detection message advises users when the instrument successfully locks onto the external source signal when making A/B and B/A ratio measurements. The message is displayed at the bottom of the display in bright green, so it is easy for users to know when measurements can be made.

The S820E can measure 1 DUT or the user can select a table display format, which allows up to 12 DUTs to be displayed simultaneously. All 12 DUT measurements may be made relative to a stored reference measurement. The table display format simplifies matching multiple DUTs, and is well suited for multi phased-array antenna systems, or when several DUTs need to be measured and matched to each other or a reference DUT response.

Reflection and/or transmission measurements made in VVM mode may be vector error corrected via the calibration process and do not require an external CW source or bridges, couplers, or splitters. This allows absolute DUT measurements and external peripheral items, such as test port extension cables and adapters, to be compensated for as part of the calibration. Any errors caused by mismatches between the instrument and the DUT are removed, as well.

In addition to the table display format, the Site Master S820E VVM option offers numerous data display formats for greater flexibility and ease of comparison to measurements made with other instruments. The flexible display format also provides simpler integration into reports and spreadsheets for post-processing purposes. Users can change the display format at any time and all of the results (live or stored) will simultaneously change in correspondence.

Field-proven Platform
The Site Master S820E has been developed specifically for field applications. Compactly designed, the analyzer measures 250 x 177 x 61 mm and weighs <3.0 kg, and has a field-proven durable housing that can withstand harsh environments. An Active Thermal Management feature helps the S820E achieve the fastest warm-up time and to easily maintain stable operating temperatures across the entire operating range of -10°C to +55°C. New efficient circuitry delivers >4 hours of battery life.

An efficient, user-friendly touch screen GUI makes daily operation much more efficient for significantly greater productivity. Advanced display options allow users to customize how measurements are shown, including any combination of trace windows, overlays, measurements and graphs.

Industry’s Only 40 GHz Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer
The Microwave Site Master S820E family with frequency options covering 1 MHz to 8 GHz, 14 GHz, 20 GHz, 30 GHz, and 40 GHz, is the most advanced Site Master analyzer ever developed. It has 1 Hz frequency resolution across the full range of operation, even up to 40 GHz. The handheld analyzer has unequaled dynamic range of typically 110 dB and the highest RF immunity of +17 dBm. It features 650 us/point measurement speed.

A VNA mode takes advantage of the full 4-receiver VNA architecture to provide fully reversing sweep, 4 S-Parameter simultaneous measurement capabilities with a user-configurable quad display. With the VNA mode, users have a portable instrument capable of simultaneously measuring all 4 S-Parameters of a 2-Port device in the field.

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