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EM Microelectronic now shipping FCC/CE/IC certified Bluetooth® SMART

EMBC01, longest lasting, longest range, most secure & versatile Bluetooth®
Low Energy beacon available

Marin, Switzerland - December 9th, 2014 - Today, EM Microelectronic, the ultra-low power semiconductor company of the Swatch Group and a world-leading supplier of Bluetooth® Smart products, announced that their EMBC01 Bluetooth beacon has achieved FCC certification for operation within the US, CE certification for the European Union, and IC certification for Canada. EMBC01 is a tiny coin-size beacon solution that is optimized for highest performance in terms of autonomy and link range. It can be deployed anywhere iBeacon™ and Bluetooth Smart v4.0 technologies are used. Readily certified and available in a qualified and convenient housing, the EMBC01 enables rapid and easy deployment into any beacon solution.

COiNLow Power

Due to its unique design, EMBC01 consumes less than 25µA average current in a typical application, resulting in more than 12 months operation from a single CR2032 battery, which is included in the beacon. The beacon embeds EM’s renowned ultra-low-power EM6819 microprocessor, allowing it to achieve over 1 year autonomy for applications operating with long beaconing intervals. EMBC01 also contains a built-in mode switch, thus guaranteeing that beacons have a full charge when they are deployed. Integrated red and green LEDs provide users with feedback about the device’s operating mode. Just click and stick!

Long Range

The EMBC01 includes a miniature antenna which is designed to maximize communication range. At the 0dBm output power setting, EM beacons can be detected 75 meters away by an iPhone® 5S; at maximum output power, that distance extends up to 120 meters.


Due to EMBC01’s optimized circuit architecture, it is immune to over-the-air attacks, meaning that a well-placed beacon is very secure. Without complete physical access, the device’s settings cannot be altered.


EMBC01 is shipped pre-programmed, complete with a Renata CR2032 battery and an IP-64 certified, weatherproof plastic enclosure for easy deployment, making it suitable for use at outdoor music festivals, sporting events and arenas; anywhere a beacon is required to withstand the elements.


Though EMBC01 is nominally shipped pre-programmed and packaged in a standard housing, the EMBC01 is easily modified to fit most applications. At the most basic level, it is easy to change the UUID, MAJOR ID, MINOR ID for adapting to the smartphone’s software application that is being used. Output power and beacon interval may also be changed for optimized battery lifetime based on the desired use case.

Should more extensive firmware modifications be desired, EM offers a complete development kit that includes five (5) EMBC01 beacons, programming board and software development tools. This enables customers to control the firmware and to create their own Bluetooth Smart advertising packets in order to transmit real-time sensor data such as temperature, light level, battery voltage, or other physical phenomena.

The EMBC01 enclosure can be customized to sport any embossed logo desired and is available in a number of colors, making the beacon truly your product. More specific enclosure customizations may be discussed with EM Microelectronic.

Thanks to its tiny coin size, the EMBC01 can be used almost anywhere. To assist in attaching EMBC01, EM offers a suite of “snap-over” accessories such as key fob, wrist-band for easy-to-wear products, or wall mount accessories for easy-to-deploy solutions.

“The EMBC01 is the first EM product to achieve FCC/CE/IC certification, and this is a significant milestone for EM’s wireless product line. Customers receive a high quality, high performance Bluetooth beacon that is easy to deploy right out of the box,” commented Michel Willemin, CEO of EM. “EMBC01 offers versatility at low overall cost to all beacon users for paving the way to a truly pervasive Internet of Things.”


EMBC01, the EMBC01 Development Kit and accessories are available through your local EM salesperson or distributor. More information on EMBC01 can be found at For samples and details, please contact:

EM Microelectronic

EM Microelectronic is a Swiss semiconductor manufacturer that designs and produces ultra-low-power, low-voltage digital, analog, mixed-signal and wireless integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered devices in consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The company’s product portfolio includes Bluetooth Smart controller ICs and beacons, SENtral sensor fusion co-processors, flexible LCD displays and modules (with or without capacitive touch capability), RFID, NFC and other low power RFICs, microcontrollers, smart card ICs, voltage reset and microcontroller supervisory ICs, watchdogs, regulators, LCD drivers and controllers, sensor and optoelectronic ICs and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). EM Microelectronic is one of the electronic systems companies within the Swatch Group, producing and assembling ultra-low power, miniaturized and accurate microelectronic components and systems.

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